Step Your Game Up!

I’m a huge fan of Gary Vay.Ner.Chuk so there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be posting tons of his clips.  Whether or not you think he is obnoxious, please watch and really listen to what he has to say… he has a ton of powerful information that can really help your business!

Saw this video on and thought it’d be a great topic for debate. Could this be the future of education? Would you have been better off if this were available during your education experience? Would you be inclined to learn something new if this were applied to post secondary education, or perhaps available online? 

What are your thoughts… we’d love to know.

Woke up this morning with this song in my head.  Looked outside and saw it raining.  Still, I think it’s going to be a lovely day!

A great short clip about Generation Y, also known as Generation Y!

Daniel Pink makes a case on what motivates people!

Great video from Jeremy Gutsche of about how to go viral!

This is a great example of ‘going viral.’  What started off as a small experiement with a Canon 5DMKII (a digital SLR camera that shoots perfect 1080p HD video) exploded when people took notices.  With a mixture of bright beautiful colors and an amazing song by (at the time small band) Barcelona, caught the eye of some people… and those people told some people… and those people shared it with others… and before anyone knew it, it had a million hit… then 2, then 3, finally resting at just under 7 million hits.

For Jon Rawlinson, the owner of theradblog on youtube (of which the video was posted), a photographer and filmmaker, it gained him massive exposure in a short amount of time.  Since then, he has flourished as a filmmaker and has been able to do the job he loves all around the world.

But the real story here is about Barcelona.  Some groups, especially those more ‘famous’ would have come down hard on Jon, asking him to remove their song… however Barcelona went in the opposite direction.  They realized that having just under 7 million people listen to their song was a positive thing and really embraced the video.  The result was that their song skyrocketed on iTunes and they got their 15 minutes of fame (which I’m sure won’t be the last 15 minutes they get).  Here is a link of what the band Barcelona thought of the video… - it’s a pretty cool example of why Social Media is awesome!

The unfortunate part is that there is no secret formula to go viral, so just keep putting out cool, unique, exciting and informative content, and I’m sure one day something of yours will go viral too.

So Facebook Fanpages don’t send out email notifications when your fans write a comment.  For some reason Facebook isn’t planning on doing anything about this yet.  And why should they… they’re worth Billions… they can do whatever they want.  So it was only a matter of time before a company would catch on and create a site that connected with Facebook to allow any comments (on your wall, photos, videos, etc.) to send an e-mail to your inbox.  So we wanted to test this out, and we’re glad to say that it actually works.  So if you have a Facebook Fanpage and want to get e-mail’s when fans comment, goto and register today!  And as always, we’re here to help, so if this is overwhelming to you, or just want a helping hand, email us at, or contact me directly at

Good luck everyone.

Overcoming grief?  Watch this video and make a decision to overcome that grief by looking at the awesome side of life.  Let us know what you think and what you think is awesome!